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Platinum Care Services

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Platinum Care Services provides a customer service experience that aims at growing and retaining the customer base for multiple international brands.

We understand the value of each individual customer, which is why we provide a personalized service experience based on each customer’s individual needs. Most importantly, we recognize that, in order to provide such a high level of quality, we need people who love what they do and where they work. Our staff is treated with the utmost respect, while we provide them with all of the proper tools and training so they, in return, make our client’s experiences memorable. That’s our job well done.

P.C.S. has over 15 years of experience in services for web based industries; providing inbound, outbound, incoming/outgoing chats, acquisition, retention and sales services, our wide range of abilities and knowledge gives us a highly competitive edge over other service centers.

Each of our clients is provided with a dedicated brand manager who will be involved in the daily operations. Our managers can be contacted directly and are readily available, at your disposal. Our managers are flexible and adaptable, to easily make changes based on our client’s recommendations or needs.


Our mission at Platinum Care Services is to provide our select corporate clients with a high qualitycomplete boutique solution for all customer service needs. We utilize the most current technologies to achieve an excellent end-client customer experience, with fast, flexible and adequate resolution of inquiries for the customers.


At Platinum Care Services, our vision is to thrive as a representative for our select corporate clients, and to maintain a single point of contact in all customer support issues. We strive to both grow and improve our services in rapidly changing technology sectors by measuring our performance against the expectations of our customers and industry standards.